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Chef Lucca’s Tuscan Green Bean Flan

I recently visited a cookery school in Tuscany. Of the many classic Italian dishes Chef Lucca showed us, my favourite was the Green Bean Flan. This is really easy to prepare and is the perfect alternative to plain vegetables with your Sunday roast. Enjoy!


500g of green beans

1/2 litre fresh double cream

4 eggs

200g of Parmesan grated

Bread crumbs for coating

Salt and pepper

A few chilli flakes


Boil the green beans until soft then leave them to cool

Using a food processor chop up the beans

Mix in cream and beaten eggs

Now add the parmesan and the seasoning

Butter and coat the baking dish with bread crumbs

Place the mixture in a savarin ring baking dish and bake for 20 to 25 minutes at 170 degrees in a bain-marie.