Badu's Recipes

Badu’s Masala Kits can also be used in other ways!

Make a BBQ marinade or a delicious curry crust for a piece of fish.

Below are a few ideas as well as the odd family favourite recipe, feel free to use them your way!

  • Aloo Mutter with Asafoetida

    Suitable for vegetarians, this is a popular and simple curry made using potatoes and green peas with toasted cumin seeds and a pinch of asafoetida

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  • Chunky Mango Chutney

    Indian mangos are in season at the moment. I always try to cook with seasonal ingredients when they are at their best.
    Create this tongue tingling chutney with sweet fragrant Indian mangos, tangy tomatoes and dry chilli flakes.

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  • Chicken Thighs in Tandoori Marinade

    My Tandoori Marinade can be used for a variety of purposes, from this Tandoori Chicken recipe, to tandoori fish, paneer (Indian cheese) and vegetables. The difference between my marinade and the store bought one is that it is a fresh marinade made with garlic, ginger, lemon juice and honey with no added artificial flavours.

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  • Aloo Gobi Chicken Stir-Fry

    Did you know my Aloo Gobi masala kit isn't just for vegetables. Stir-fry some chicken thighs with the mix and serve with a crisp summer salad for a delicious easy meal.

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  • Diwali Jalebi

    Jalebi with it's sweet, crisp texture and sticky syrupy centre makes it a favourite of ours, not just for Diwali but all year round.

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  • Chef Lucca’s Tuscan Green Bean Flan

    I recently visited a cookery school in Tuscany. Of the many classic Italian dishes Chef Lucca showed us, my favourite was the Green Bean Flan. This is really easy to prepare and is the perfect alternative to plain vegetables with your Sunday roast. Enjoy!

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  • Fusion Baba Ganoush

    I just love the delicious smokey taste you get when roasting aubergines on the barbecue especially in this Baba Ganoush dish. In the winter it works equally well roasted on the stove.
    This quick dip will go perfectly with flat breads as a starter.
    Try with a tablespoon of my Aloo/Gobi masala. Its delicious.

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  • Badu’s Masala Meatballs

    Try this recipe using any lean mince, with my Mild or Medium Authentic Curry Masala kit. Try the Hot Authentic Masala if you prefer a fiery dish.

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  • Quick Chickpea Curry

    When you fancy a vegetarian curry but have little time to prepare one from scratch, use my Coconut and Almond Masala with tinned chickpeas to create a speedy curry which is god-sent. Serve with plain boiled Basmati rice. Add a small potato or even a seasonal squash to give the curry depth and flavour.

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